We offer complex consultancy during implementation of the TechIS system, in particular:

  • solution proposals – professional proposal for the solution on the basis of the initial analysis and with respect to the requested objectives
  • implementation – delivery of software and hardware (industrial computers, terminals, servers, display panels, etc.) complex resolution for the company, including connection, installation and activation
  • operator training training of employees in working in the TechIS environment
  • technical support – 24 hour technical support for resolution of unexpected events.

Why choose us?

  • Professionalism – Our professional team of experienced analysts, developers, technicians and programmers can connect, monitor and control almost any technology and adapt TechIS to your requirements.
  • Complex solution  TechIS is fully modular. It can achieve a high level of specialization.
  • Technical support – We can troubleshoot any problems  24 hours per day.
  • Support of a large  IT company TechIS TechIS is developed under by ELVAC SOLUTIONS s.r.o. and offers a wide ranging portfolio of products and services in the area of manufacturing (MES), control, monitoring and information systems.
  • Hardware deliveries ELVAC is a leading domestic manufacturer of industrial and special computers, workstations and servers and is a renowned supplier of wide ranging hardware and special components for industrial, control and information systems.