Prepared for Industry 4.0

The TechIS system supports the requirements for the new industry standard Industry 4.0, enables the collaboration with smart devices and control machinery systems of industrial company. The TechIS system will continue to be developed following the development standard model Industry 4.0.

An integral part of the modern era is the development of smart technologies and their use in all possible areas, including industrial plants. Under the Industrial 4.0 term, which was first introduced at the Hanover Fair in 2013, do not look for any specific rules or standards. It is all about the mindset and use of the options that the advanced technology and equipment brings to us. The current trend of digitalization and the associated production automation opens up completely new possibilities that were until recently hardly conceivable. A number of activities that are currently performed by employees may be replaced in the future and greatly accelerated by the managed processes that improve the flexibility and thus the competitiveness of each company. The basis is the data collection, their availability, processing and subsequent distribution and use.

The basic parameters of the Industry 4.0 term, which can be combined with the company maintenance control, include among other things the remote monitoring and control, constant availability of key information, automatic reporting of problems, prediction possibilities of faults and malfunctions, but also the replacement of unproductive employees work by the automated processes.

How is possible the TechIS system to perceive with regard to the new industry standard 4.0?

  • The TechIS system, as a server solution, is ready to bring all recorded data to their users, whether they are at the workplace or anywhere else.
  • To obtain current data on maintenance, consumed spare parts or for example on the costs associated with maintaining you don´t no need to look elsewhere, only just in the TechIS system in which all important data is available.
  • The TechIS system is also ready to alert you for the potential danger of malfunction and thus prevent unwanted downtime – thus corresponds to another trend, which is the Predictive Maintenance.
  • No need to prepare and distribute a variety of reports and statements, the TechIS system will automatically deal these activities for you.
  • Thanks to the consistency of information and data, the TechIS system highlights the impact of scheduled events, keeps an eye on deadlines of approaching checks, inspections, training etc.

The information system TechIS itself does not constitute the company transition on the Industry 4.0 standard however it is a part of it and a major step in the right direction! When the elements of the fourth industrial revolution, as Industry 4.0 is also called, will be reflected in the conventional standards of production management, for not adapted companies will be very difficult to compete with companies that have managed to prepare their activity for Industry 4.0!