Permanent availability of important documents

Not only in large companies the question of the availability of important documents, manuals, various records, statements, reports and so on is often solved. In situations where it is necessary to look up the record of the performed revision, inspection, or it is necessary to acquaint a new employee with the machine operation, these materials must be easily retrievable and available. Let’s look at those materials and in what situations you may really miss them in case of need:

Various audits

Does this ever happen to you that you could not find a record of the latest revision of lightning conductor, lighting, or ladder inspection? For each device that you have in your company, the TechIS system allows you to attach various documents. It will not happen to you that you will seek such information. Just pick a card of the relevant device from the list and open one of the documents attached. You can obviously register the records about performed inspections or revisions directly in the TechIS system.

Audit managements

Commencement of a new employee

Did you take on a new employee who will work with the production or other device? By law, you have the obligation that such employee must be familiar with the operation of this device and give him instructions for use. Do you know where your instruction manual for a drill is? For a printer? For a lathe? It is again on the card of this device, where you can attach besides the documents also the links to the manufacturer’s website or corporate network, where these instructions are available to all and always!

Commencement of a new employee

Maintenance records

During the reactive maintenance, when is often necessary to capture a record about the extent of the damage, there is nothing simpler than such a malfunction or crash photographically document and attach the pictures from the event location to the relevant device. Thanks the TechIS mobile application that can be executed directly at the place of intervention. These images are immediately available to all users and remain archived at the relevant device.

The system is ready for applying a variety of documents and there is no limit to the size of attachments. The only limiting factor is the amount of free space on the server. In addition, the records are stored only once and are then available to all users.

Besides the option to attach the various documents into the system, the TechIS system also brings you the ability to create analyzes and reports, control of maintenance costs, and provides a detailed overview of the performed work, and much more. All important information is available on the home page, or you can contact us and ask for anything you are interested in.

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