Paperless operation

Undoubtedly contemporary, with regard to be environment friendly and then from the viewpoint of costs certainly the reasonable trend is the company operation with minimal paper consumption. Ideally, it is even possible (except for certain document types) to ensure the company operation totally without the need to print!

Regarding the savings in printing, and not only in the larger companies certainly goes about it, there is a range of activities and places where a company can save a lot of money:

  • information availability  
  • consumption of toners
  • paper consumption and storage

Paper consumption

Amount of application forms, forms, reports … Try to think how much money cost the paper that your company “utilizes” for a year, and which then ends up in the trash, in the best case in a closet in a file which can pose the considerable concern with storage.

Environmentally friendly

Printer cartridges

Not quite insignificant role in annual expenditure may also play the amount for printer cartridges, here we can talk about quite interesting amounts.


The time is one of the most expensive “raw material”. For medium-sized enterprise there are thousands of man-hours devoted to unproductive activity. For example, we are talking about creating a variety of reports and requisitions or forms in that we must again and again write the same information as the date, name, and of course also the subject of such activity. These records are also transcribed into electronic format in the form of spreadsheets or other documents. And we are not talking about the great likelihood that by the rewriting the mistakes are often made. The TechIS system allows you to record the necessary things directly into the system – performed work, consumed spare parts, maintenance requirements and so on. Thus based records are also always traceable.

Document sharing

The documents that the TechIS system generates, processed analyzes, or for example embedded instructions are in the application immediately available to all authorized employees. There are often the instructions, operating procedures, various press reports and so on. You will not need these documents to print for anyone who needs specific information. Everyone sees them easily in the TechIS system.

Document sharing