Optimization of spare parts inventory

The aim of the management of each company, among other things, is reducing the capital tied up in inventory. Contrary to the inventory of finished goods which without significant economic impact in the short term may not completely cover the current demand, the company maintenance in this regard is specific. It is for one hundred percent necessary to ensure the availability of spare parts, without which the continuous production is threatened and with it naturally related the lost production.

Two situations may occur

  • The company eliminates the risk of a shortage of spare parts by increasing their inventories at the cost of considerable capital that can be stored in these stocks often in the long term and inefficiently.
  • The company reduces the number of spare parts to the minimum amount at the risk of failure of this production, which can have a huge economic impact for the company

The information system TechIS allows to monitor the spare parts inventory and to adjust for each part of the required minimum stock. When stocks drop below the set minimum, the system will alert you about this fact. The result is the perfect intersection of the above mentioned situations where in the stocks is held only the necessary capital without the risk of interruption of production due to lack of spare parts. The system is also ready for the interconnection with stock and economic systems, and the information on the number of individual parts is always up to date.

Plán údržby

Besides the tools for monitoring minimal spare parts inventory, the system TechIS also brings the ability to create analyzes and reports, control of maintenance costs, or even the continuous availabilily of important documents, work procedures or instructions. All important information is available on the home page www.techis.eu, or you can contact us and ask for anything you are interested in.