Downtime and failure reduction

Among the basic pillars of good results not only in manufacturing companies belongs the effort to minimize the number of failures of production equipment and technology that are indispensable for the enterprises in terms of operation. In order to achieve the best productivity, it is necessary to reduce the number and duration of downtime, which have a significant effect on overall results.

When evaluating the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and its decrease below the set limit, you need to look for the causes of this decline including in the area of maintenance, because the mentioned efficiency of the device is extensively affected by its proper management and planning!

The TechIS system helps especially in those areas that have the greatest impact in terms of maintenance on the occurrence of downtime and failures

Clear planning of regular maintenance

For clear maintenance planning is available a similar calendar that you use every day, for example in the Outlook application. You are reliably alerted to the upcoming deadlines of checks and inspections, and it will not happen to you that for example a term of training, technical inspections of company cars, and so on, will “escape” you. Of course the appearance of the calendar you can adjust in the way that suits you best.

Predictive maintenance

Anticipation of failure occurrence – predictive maintenance

If, for example you know that after exceeding a certain number of moto-hours (or duty cycles, operating temperatures, etc.) at a particular device the faults will occur, the system TechIS instead of you after exceeding of monitoring parameters will automatically schedules a maintenance request and about this event will inform you. This avoids situations where the device due to the neglected maintenance will be stopped. Even a slight interruption in production can mean considerable financial losses, which far outweigh the investment in the maintenance system!

Predictive maintenance

Monitoring the number of spare parts – optimization of inventory

Téměř každý podnik se potýká s tím, že má ve skladě „uloženo“ mnoho peněz a snaží se tyto zásoby snižovat. Někdy až příliš a potřebné díly v danou chvíli chybí. Systém TechIS hlídá nejen spotřebu náhradních dílů, které zaměstnanci údržby odepisují přímo při práci, ale také skutečný stav na skladě a s tím i pokles pod nastavenou minimální hladinu. K dispozici je tedy tolik dílů, kolik jich s dostatečnou rezervou pro práci potřebujete.

Monitoring the number of spare parts

Quality of technicians work

Thanks to the records of the assigned tasks and work done you have at your disposal a basis for evaluating the work quality of individual employees. For example, if the same task takes one technician much more time than the others, it should be a signal for you to control. The system TechIS records the needed data for you. Additionally, your service technicians in terrain will appreciate working with the strong> TechIS mobile application.

Besides the tools for reducing the number of downtime and failures, the TechIS system also brings you the ability to create analyzes and reports, control of maintenance costs, or even the continuous availabilily of important documents, work procedures or instructions. All important information is available on the home page, or you can contact us and ask for anything you are interested in.