Creation of analyzes and reports

The information system TechIS delivers to its users many useful and practical functionalities, which can use people at all positions in the company in their daily work. The management and managers will appreciate the ability to create various analyzes and reports. This important information source helps by a clear way to increase the level of awareness about the operation and often reveals weaknesses in maintenance, where the current situation is possible to improve. Do you know, for example, which production devices are most faulty and how much money did cost their maintenance in recent times? Whether is better to buy a new device? Do you have an overview of the spare parts consumption, which were used for repairs last month? Do you want to know how much the individual technicians contributed to the overall performed work? Not only in these cases, the TechIS system has an answer for you.

Analys creation

Project cost calculation

Time. Have you ever tried to calculate how much time takes you to create some important analysis? Finding the actual data, creating the corresponding data source, creating a clear output? Did you know how much repairs did you pay for the last period for a particular machine whose repeated failures you’ve recently (maybe) noticed? Can you say which of the employees by their responsible approach save the company money? Do you have insight that spare part or material is consumed more than it was scheduled for maintenance? All of these answers are available virtually immediately. Simply use the saved analyzes, to which you can return at any time and that will always have the current data for you!

Evidence of spare parts

The press reports you make in the TechIS system using the Report Designer tool which lets you create a professional graphic look. The existing reports can be then edited, filtered, viewed, exported and printed.