Clear maintenance planning

Among some of the basic prerequisites for the successful operation of each company belongs, among other things, ensuring the proper and smooth functioning of key components of the company that generate the profit. Most often it is the area of production. Any unplanned interruption of production for the company has the enormous economic implications. Often underestimated preventive maintenance has a crucial influence on the enterprise running. The latest trends in the company maintenance also include the so-called predictive maintenance, which helps predict the possible device failure conditions before they will occur. The TechIS system is a modern solution that reflects the highest standards of maintenance and the unplanned production interruptions helps eliminate.

“People cannot be more productive than the system they are using.”

Even today in the time of modern technology and technical achievements, we still encounter with the companies in which the maintenance planning is made “into a workbook”, in the best case into the various tables. In the worse cases, the maintenance is not planned at all and in these companies only the reactive maintenance is performed – simply speaking it is solved only what goes wrong. With an increasing number of equipment and property, which subject to the various checks and revisions, there are growing the demands on the ability to effectively plan individual maintenance activities, but also who will perform these activities.

Does your system look similarly??

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The scheduled events are immediately visible to all employees affected by planned activities and they have always an overview of the assigned tasks.

Maintenance optimalization

The information system TechIS allows planning in a clear calendar, where you can see not only the incidence of activities but also their current status, duration, result, and so on. The appearance of the calendar can be of course fitted to your needs. You can display the current day, week, month or specific time period. You can also schedule the maintenance directly above a particular device or technology. Thanks to the clearly arranged display, you always have an idea about the free capacities and upcoming events. With the TechIS system web interface can every employee in your organization immediately react to the operational problems. The TechIS Web Terminal allows to enter, check the maintenance requirements and to record their implementation.

Task management

Besides the tools for clear planning of maintenance and service, the TechIS system also brings you the ability to create analyzes and reports, control of maintenance costs, or even the continuous availability of important documents, work procedures or instructions. All important information is available on the home page, or you can contact us and ask for anything you are interested in.

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