Whatever your area of business, TechIS can turnkey adapt to your area and your specific conditions. TechIS is fully modular and the resulting solution is always highly specialized and can be implemented in series of industries:

  • car industry
  • transport
  • electro-technical production
  • food industry
  • building industry
  • engineering production
  • production of plastics
  • and others

The system is designed for

  • operating technicians and maintenance employees -support for hardware operators (record-keeping of technology, record-keeping of defects, maintenance planning, “ticker” etc.),
  • management employees – support for management representatives as a tool for  managing personnel sources (maintenance planning and technology repairs, record-keeping of shifts, etc.)

What does TechIS do?

TechIS provides statistics and summaries about failures to machines, equipment, components, technologies and systems and generates data for employees working with qualitative control processes.

We know that only a high quality and individual approach enables to achieve full client satisfaction. Therefore, we ensure a high-quality analysis of your input requirements.  TechIS is fully modular, simply configurable and parameterized. It can also connect to other company systems – personnel, systems for production control and monitoring nebo or for InfoPanels digital display equipment. On the basis of analysis of requirements, we can supply you with a technical system without redundant formalities; only with what you really want. The result is an effective complex solution which saves time and cost during the administration and maintenance of your machines, equipment, components, technologies and systems.

The user interface of TechIS is simple and user friendly and provides the user with a standardized interface usual in standard office applications in the Microsoft Windows environment. All elements are easily accessible and intuitively controllable. The option of operator training is a matter of course which only takes a few hours.

Maintenance statistics

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