System Modules and Functions

There are many ways of planning machine, equipment and component maintenance  – the most difficult aspect is to select the correct method in order to ensure a fast return on investment“.

Maintenance plannig

TechIS modules

The following modules are available for the TechIS system, which can be set exactly to your requirements:

  • record-keeping – technology, defects, workplaces and contacts, documents (DMS), organisational structure, personnel and contacts, companies and company contacts
  • maintenance (CMMS)
  • administration of  work functions
  • reports and statistics – creation and export of reports; creation of statistics, assigned reports, printings
  • notifications – e-mail notification
  • connection to company systems

TechIS system functions


TechIS modular software for maintenance planning, management and recording for company machines, equipment, rolling stock, components, technologies and systems (CMMS/EAM). The system processes and evaluates data gathered in real time using systems to monitor and manage production or from manually inputted data.

TechIS knows more:

  • recording of company technologies, defects, workplaces, documents, organisational structure, company, personnel, companies and contacts
  • maintenance planning – preventive planning and maintenance management, service; revision of repairs in the long-term horizon for extending the service life of equipment and components
  • record-keeping of maintenance – retroactive tracing records of action taken on equipment, components and technology
  • monitoring of failures – exact and immediate summary and statistics for the evaluation of the failure rate of machines and equipment, creation and sharing of statistics, including printing and export. Can be used with InfoPanels digital display equipment.
  • notification – unmissable e-mail notification of TechIS users of the need for planned maintenance of equipment or technology
  • delegation of tasks – increased responsibility of employees for assigned technology by delegating tasks and service actions
  • administration of documentation –  integrated administration of documents (DMS), including option of electronic signature
  • creation of printing sets  wide ranging option of printing sets, including printing and export
  • network solution – administration of documentation on IT security and data backup
  • record keeping for HR employees – record keeping of shifts, training of employees, preventive inspections of employees, etc.
  • administration of rolling stock – enables to use in one place, the list of all vehicles, set inspection dates for technical inspections, first aid kits, special equipment, etc.

Maintenance roles

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