Basic Terms

Term Abbreviation Description

Computerized Maintenance Management System


Customer Relationship Management


Document Management System


Enterprise Asset Management



Notification of changes of certain evidence item.

Operational logbook

Operational logbook is a paper journal designed to record operational data e.g. about a machine at the end of the shift (date, staff, construction site, maintenance, repairs, operational hours counter status, fluids refills). Based on a set od recordet data it is possible to plan regular maintenace od predict upcoming failure of the machine.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is machine or device maintenance performed according to a predetermined inspection time plan. The goal is to prevent failures by searching and removing possible sources of failure origin and to create a step by step schedule of preventive repairs.


Reminder of upcoming event in the calendar.

Service activity

Set of operations representing maintenance or inspection of a device or technology.

Technical Information System


Complex solution for maintenance planning, management and record-keeping of company machines, rolling stock, components, technologies and systems (CMMS/EAM).

TechIS WebTerminal

TechIS WebTerminal is a web interface for TechIS product, that allows quick and affordable work with registered tickets (maintenance requests).