About System

O systému TechISTechIS is modular software for maintenance planning, management and record-keeping for company machines, equipment, rolling stock, components, technologies and systems (CMMS/EAM). The system processes and evaluates real time data acquired by monitoring systems and managing production or from data inputted manually. TechIS knows more.

TechIS is a user-friendly software solution developed on the Microsoft .NET platform that uses modern components to fulfil the requirements for ergonomics, quality and safety. Users are offered a standardized interface well-known in standard office applications in the Microsoft Windows environment.

Why choose TechIS


There are many technical information systems. Below you can see why you should choose our CMMS/EAM:

  • connection to company systems – TechIS can be connected to company systems – ERP, HR (personnel), CRM, accounting, systems for managing and monitoring production, etc. TechIS can be connected to InfoPanels digital display equipment,
  • user friendly – simple and user friendly TechIS interface with easy-to-orientate control, is derived from the standards of Microsoft Office applications,
  • saves time and cost – reduces paper work, replaces paper diaries,
  • support from a major IT companyTechIS is developed under the ELVAC name and offers a wide ranging portfolio of products and services in the area of manufacturing, control, monitoring and information systems,
  • hardware deliveries ELVAC is a leading domestic manufacturer of industrial and special computers, workstations and servers and is a renowned supplier of a wide range of hardware and special components for industrial, control and information systems,.
  • technical support – we offer above-standard and certified services. We can resolve any problems 24 hours per day.
  • comprehensive solution  TechIS is fully modular and provides a level of specialization. The properties of partial modules can be extended and modified as required.

The system is designed for

  • operating technicians and maintenance employees – support for employees who operate hardware (technology and defects record-keeping, maintenance planning, “ticker” etc.),
  • management employees – support for management representatives as a tool to manage personnel sources (maintenance planning and technology repairs, record-keeping of shifts, etc.).

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