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Technical Information System

is a modular software for planning, management and recording of maintenance of plant machinery, equipment, fleet, components, technologies and systems (so-called CMMS/EAM software).

TechIS will help you to simply plan your maintenance, to record revision activities and defects, to monitor deadlines and to reduce operational costs of your technologies.

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TechIS software sample

The TechIS system uses a network architecture of client-server and uses the operational system MS Windows for its operation. Data are saved in the database and through a server service they are processed and archived.

User´s interface of TechIS is simple and user´s friendly.
It provides the user with standardized interface known from common office applications of the Microsoft Windows environment.

TechIS Web Terminal Terminal is an application with web interface of TechIS system that enables quick and available work with recorded tickets (i.e. requirements for maintenance). The licence of whole TechIS Web Terminal instance is applied for the application, not any licencing by user. See the current price information in the pricelist. An arbitrary number of workers can work with the web interface.

TechIS is a mobile client of so-called CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) TechIS system that enables the effective solution of preventive as well as predictive maintenance. The mobile application works under its online mode - data are automatically synchronised into the application database. It works with Android 5.0 or higher.

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Connection with plant systems

TechIS enables the connection with plant systems - ERP, HR, CRM, accounting systems for production management and monitoring etc. TechIS can be connected to a digital imaging device InfoPanels.

User friendly function

A simple and user friendly TechIS interface with simple control, based on standards of Microsoft Office applications.

Time and costs savings

Limitation of paper work, replacement of paper journals.

Background of large IT company

TechIS is developed under ELVAC a.s. and offers a large portfolio of products and services in the area of production, control, monitoring and information systems.

Deliveries of hardware

The company ELVAC a.s. belongs among leading inland producers of industrial and special computers, work stations and servers. It is also a reputable supplier of large hardware assortment and special components for industrial, control and information systems.

Technical support

We offer above-standard and certified services. We are ready to solve any requirements in 24 hours per day.

Complex solution

TechIS is fully modular. Thus a large level of specialisation can be achieved. If necessary it is possible to enlarge and adapt properties of sub-modules.

Platform-independent WebTerminal module

Availability of the most important information on current situation of plant maintenance. In the web browser you can easily establish new requirements for maintenance, check the performed maintenance or record maintenance results.

TechIS mobile solution

Entering, control of requirements and performance of maintenance in mobile devices enable a speed reaction to incurred operational problems.


We offer complex consultancy during implementation of the TechIS system, in particular::

  • solution proposals – professional proposal for the solution on the basis of the initial analysis and with respect to the requested objectives
  • implementation – delivery of software and hardware (industrial computers, terminals, servers, display panels, etc.) complex resolution for the company, including connection, installation and activation
  • operator training – training of employees in working in the TechIS environment
  • technical support – 24 hour technical support for resolution of unexpected events

For TechIS clients, a technical support service – TechIS Support is available. The purchase of the TechIS Support service has many benefits:

  • access to new versions of the application
  • access to bonus materials and services
  • support during the resolution of technical problems
  • discount for additional services (training, proposals for new solutions, turnkey solutions)

The technical support is provided in the form of annual pre-paid support. The price of TechIS Support service depends on the number of system users.

In addition to the delivery of the TechIS information System, we offer training to end users and company administrators in the following versions:

  • Standard training
  • Maintenance training

Standard training

Standard training of operators is conducted during the implementation of the TechIS information system and is comprehensively focused on functionality. The training is conducted directly in the operating premises of the company.

Maintenance training

  • training employees (system operators), who move from one workplace to another and whose role changes within the information system,
  • comprehensive training of newly recruited employees,
  • training of respective groups of employees in the case of expansion of the TechIS information system by new functions (e.g. after the issue of a new version of the system).

This type of training is a typical part of the services provided within a SLA; nevertheless, it can be conducted separately.


Number of users
Unlimited (15+)
39 990 CZK 1590 €
119 590 CZK 4 890 €
226 890 CZK 8 990 €
TechIS Web Terminal (WT)
14 990 CZK 590 €
12 990 CZK 490 €
9 990 CZK 390 €
Support for system startup
Technical support – training, installation, data import
1 490 CZK 59 €
1 290 CZK 54 €
1 190 CZK 49 €
12 CZK 0,50 €
12 CZK 0,50 €
12 CZK 0,50 €
12 CZK 0,50 €
Price of technical support per year-Subscription*
20% of the licence price
20% of the licence price
20% of the licence price
20% of the licence price

The prices are without VAT | Validity of the price list from 1. 11. 2017

* Subscription – paid service that offers

  • instant access to new versions of the application
  • access to bonus materials and services (eg updating the calendar when changing legislation)
  • support for technical problems
  • discount for additional services (training, proposals for new solutions, etc.)

You will download current price list in pdf here

You will download the general terms and conditions in pdf here

The licence price includes an installation system package for defined number of users. It includes also the technical support (subscription) within the first year of system use, including newly issued versions. Within the technical support (subscription) the newly issued system versions are provided for free. An upgrade to a new version is not possible without purchasing of annual technical support (subscription). The licence is permanently valid, with no time limitation. The licence is non-transferable.

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TechIS is preferably useful for workers who take care of operation or service of technical assets - records of technologies, defects, maintenance planning, “messaging” etc., and for management representatives who use it as a tool of human resources management - maintenance planning and technologies repairs, records of shifts and other related activities.

For management

Have all necessary information and data for managerial decision-making available. A complete view on costs and operation provides necessary documents for continuous maintenance quality improvement. Warehouse stocks optimization can help to release a capital stored in unused spare parts. Summary of defect rate can offer a relevant information for equipment exchange.

Analyses and reports produced by the system can be regularly sent by email.

For top managers

Simple and quick planning and tasks, controls and reviews assignment to your colleagues can save a lot of time. Simply keep an optimum stocks of key spare parts. Rely on timely warning on approaching terms of scheduled events. Have performances of individual workers and their records on performed actions available, as well as information on equipment exchange.

Preparation of regular reports for management is simpler and quicker thanks to built-in report module.

For maintenance workers

Use their detailed overview and assigned priorities in fulfilment of given tasks. Have all manuals, work procedures, history of previous interventions, protocols, photo documentation etc. available. Simply record your work or consumption of spare parts. Share your knowledge and experience with your colleagues in team. Replace your current paper records with TechIS system.

Simplify your work with Windows application, web interface or application for mobile phones.


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